Historically, How Bearish Has A ‘Bearish Outside Week’ Been On The ASX200?

By Friday’s close, the ASX200 had produced a bearish outside week after failing to hold above 6,800 which raises the potential for some mean reversion. Given the slight bearish divergence forming with RSI and the clear loss of… Read More

Seasonality Suggests A Lower VIX For September

It’s been a volatile month for markets, with the fallout from the ongoing trade war, attacks on the Fed, Brexit and Italian elections (to name a few rivers). This may feel counter to how markets ‘should’ be during… Read More

Forward Returns Following A US10-2 Year Inversion

  A look at how markets have performed following a US 10-2 yield curve inversion. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have heard a thing or two about the yield curve inverting in the news… Read More

US Indices Closed At New Highs: Do We Hold Or Fold?

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S&P500 Makes A Mockey Of Its Seasonal Tendency

Santa’s rally took another slap to the face yesterday with the SP&500 closing firmly beneath the 2018 low. Currently trading -9.2% lower amid its worst month since February, the odds of a turnaround look bleak to say the… Read More

Nasdaq To Extend Its Bounce?

Among the large US indices, the Nasdaq 100 has fallen the furthest from its highs. However, we’re starting to see signs that the tech benchmark could be oversold. We can see on the weekly chart that, having fallen… Read More

FTSE100 – Quick Overview

The longer-term – FTSE does appear to be struggling to get above 6100. – Monthly candles look bearish in this area and the 40/80 day cycles, OBV and MACD make any solid gains look bleak. – Only a… Read More