Further Signs That USD Could Be In For A Better Month

November has been off to a much better start for USD than October ended. And seasonality suggests DXY could be in for a positive close this month. This ties in nicely with Tuesday’s analysis, which showed bearish engulfing… Read More

Weekly and Monthly Bearish Engulfing Candles Appear On DXY – But Just How Grizzly Are They?

The USD index (DXY) presented traders with a bearish engulfing candle on both the weekly and monthly chart by Friday’s close. So, will this bearish pattern live up to its grizzly name in the weeks ahead?

DXY: Seasonality Suggests Headwinds Around The 2018 Highs

DXY looks set to challenge the 2018 peak, although price action near-term could be stretched. Beyond February seasonality points lower, so how it reacts around the highs could be key as we head into March.

DXY – Weekly Cycles

I only use Cycles as a rough guide but I have observed the following: – 84 wk Cycle on DXY seems feasible and generates the next trough around mid-Feb 2013 – 42wk cycle appears to have topped around mid July… Read More