Market Cycle Aggregate

Having vigorously studied technical analysis, I have spent too many hours to count pouring over books, methodologies and techniques the the science/art. After viewing Raoul Pal’s video on predicting the global economy on RealVision TV, I’ve decided to… Read More

DXY – Weekly Cycles

I only use Cycles as a rough guide but I have observed the following: – 84 wk Cycle on DXY seems feasible and generates the next trough around mid-Feb 2013 – 42wk cycle appears to have topped around mid July… Read More

FTSE100 – Quick Overview

The longer-term – FTSE does appear to be struggling to get above 6100. – Monthly candles look bearish in this area and the 40/80 day cycles, OBV and MACD make any solid gains look bleak. – Only a… Read More